Weekly Missions

August 20-22, 2014
WEEKLY MISSION Chase County Elementary School
Staff- Ask at least one student a day “What did you learn today?”
Students- Ask a teacher this week “What was your favorite thing you taught someone this week?” 
Parents- Ask your child every day “What did you learn today?”
Keys to Mission success- “Nothing” is not a permissible answer.  We are teaching each day from day one.  The lesson might be how to walk down the hallway respectfully or it might be Quadrilateral Theorems. But you can count on learning happening each day in every classroom. So if a student replies “nothing” it’s time for more questions. Questions about the teacher, what happened when you walked in the classroom, what was on the board, the technology used, the questions asked, the answers given, the tasks assigned etc. My guess is our stellar students will rarely reply with “nothing.” But if they do be prepared to not let that slide.