Staff Member
Ahlers, Drew [email protected]asecountyschools.org 3rd Grade Asst JH Volleyball 
Anderson, Kaylee [email protected] 4th Grade  
Baird, Dawn [email protected] Custodian  
Baluska, Diane [email protected] 3rd Grade  
Bartels, Chris [email protected] 7-12 Math  
Batterman, Dennis [email protected] 6th Grade  
Bauerle, Jill [email protected] 7-12 English 1-Act Plays, Play
Beverly, Jonathan [email protected] Asst. HS/JH Cross Country  
Bicschoff, Bryan [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Bischoff, Diane [email protected] Aide  
Blecha, Deb   [email protected] 7-12 Secretary  
Blitz, Tyler [email protected] Custodian  
Bottom, Mark [email protected] 7-12 Social Studies, HS Head Girls BB, Head JH Track
Bottom, Renae [email protected]

9-12 English/Journalism, Annual, Paper

Class of 2016 Sponsor
Brandner, Sara   Asst. Softball  
Brophy, Lindsey [email protected] Aide  
Browning, Dottie [email protected] Bus Driver  
Browning, Rob   Music Accompanist   
Brunkhorst, Cynthia [email protected] Kitchen Manager  
Bubak, Kim [email protected] 2nd Grade  
Burpo, Sonja [email protected] Library Media Specialist, Elementary Annual  
Burrell, Monte [email protected]

7-8 Social Studies

8th Grade Computer Ethics

JH Co-Head Football
Carman, Cassie [email protected]   Aide    
Church, Karmin [email protected] ESU Alt. Ed.  
Clevenger, Sherryl [email protected] 6th Grade  
Coleman, Ryan [email protected] Activities Custodian  
Cupp, Arlys [email protected] Kindergarten  
Dannatt, Brandi [email protected] 2nd Grade  
Denbo, Lynne [email protected] Bus Driver  
Dickey, Angela [email protected] K-6 Title 1, RTI  
Dockery, Yolanda [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Neal Dodge Dodge, Neal   [email protected] 7-12 Math  
Dreiling, Cheryl [email protected] PT Aide  
Ekberg, Paul   [email protected] Technology Coordinator Assessment Coordinator
Elliott, Jan [email protected] Town A.M. Bus Driver  
Exum, Ashley   [email protected] Kindergarten PT  
Felker, Rex [email protected] Dir. of Transportation  
Fortkamp, Jerel [email protected] Technology ALLO Co-Head JH Football, Head JH Track
Fortkamp, Lynn [email protected] Bus Driver  
Fortkamp, Mary   [email protected] First Grade  
Gleisberg, Jeffrey   [email protected] 7-12 Industrial Arts Class of 2018 Sponsor, HS Girls Asst BB Coach, HS Asst Football Coach
Haldeen, Candi [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Hanna, Cathy [email protected] K-6 Guidance, RTI Coordinator  
Hauxwell, Mercedes [email protected] 7-12 Spanish  
Hauxwell, Troy   [email protected] Activity Director,  JH PE HS Girls Head Track Coach
Hayes, Randy [email protected] 7-12 Vocal Music Concerts, Contests, Musicals
Herbert, Trent   [email protected] 7-12 Guidance StuCo, NHS, Sr. Class Adv., JH Asst. Boys BB Coach
Herman, Trudy [email protected] ESU Speech Pathologist  
Hess, Caroll [email protected] 7-12 Special Education  
Hilker, Shasta [email protected] 1st Grade  
Holman, Bob   Asst. HS Football, Asst. HS Track  
Huicochea, Andres [email protected] Head Maintenance  
Huicochea, Rhonda [email protected] ELL Aide, Bus Driver  
Hunt, Jerry [email protected] Custodian  
Jaeger, Jan [email protected] PT Kitchen  
Johnson, Jeri [email protected] Aide  
Kempkes, Ann [email protected] Custodian  
Kimble, Amanda [email protected] Library Aide Cheerleading Sponsor
Knehans, Shelly [email protected] Baker  
Krutsinger, Lisa [email protected] Kindergarten  
Lakey, Linda [email protected] K-8 Special Education  
Large, Janice [email protected] PT Kitchen  
Lenners, Dan [email protected] 9-12 PE, 9-12 Health HS Head Football, Asst HS Track, JH Boys BB
Liess, Jodie   [email protected] K-6 Vocal Music Concerts
Lopez, Ismael [email protected] Bus Driver  
Martin, Janet [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Martinez, Michelle [email protected] 1st Grade  
Mays, Jill [email protected] AP/AD Secretary  
McBride, Lisa [email protected] Custodian  
McNair, Alex [email protected] Head JH Girls BB  
McNair, Kristi [email protected] Asst. HS Volleyball  
Meyer, Gregg [email protected] Gifted/Title I  
Meyer, Terri [email protected] ELL  
Mireles, Esthela [email protected] Translator/Aide  
Munger, Larry   [email protected] HS Science, Town P.M. Bus Driver Head HS Golf
Nickel, Rita   [email protected] 4th Grade  
O'Neil, Sandy [email protected] 9-12 Business, 7th Grade Keyboarding FBLA
Olsen, Tonya [email protected] ESU Psychologist  
Oxford, Trisha [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Paisley, Angela [email protected] School Nurse  
Paisley, Jaclyn


[email protected]

Kindergarten PT, RTI  
Peterson, Crystal   [email protected] Payroll/HR Secretary  
Rettele, Alex   [email protected] 9-12 English, Speech HS Asst VB Coach
Robinson, Vikki [email protected] Aide  
Rusher, Jeff [email protected] Asst. Wrestling  
Schilke, Sonya [email protected] Aide  
Schueler, Kristin [email protected] 7-12 Mathematics, Science  
Schuller, Jodie [email protected] K-6 PE HS Head VB Coach
Sharp, Molly [email protected] 3rd Grade JH Head VB Coach
Sheaffer, Janet [email protected] 5th Grade  
Shriver, Teresa [email protected] ELL  
Shrout, Denise [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Sieperda, Annie [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Smith, Denise [email protected] Head HS Softball  
Spady, Carol [email protected] Aide  
Spady, Kim [email protected] 2nd Grade, RTI Class of 2017 Sponsor
Speck, Jason [email protected] 7-12 Agriculture, 9-12 Computer Science FFA, Adult Voc. Ag.
Steuben, Margaret [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Strand, Agnes [email protected] 5-12 Band  
Swink, Deb [email protected] Special Ed. Aide  
Thayer, Chelsie   [email protected] Family Consumer Science FCCLA
Tomaso, Lindsey   [email protected] K-8 Art, Web Design, H.A.L. Jr. Class Sponsor
Towns, Stacy [email protected] Bus Driver  
Vetter, Carol cvetter@esu15.org ESU Early Childhood & Spec. Ed  
Vlasin, Jeremy   jvlasin@chasecountyschools.org 7-12 Agriculture, JH Science FFA
Vlasin, Matt holidayfarmsllc@gmail.com Head HS Wrestling, Head JH Wrestling  
Vogt, Jenna   jvogt@chasecountyschools.org 5th Grade  
Warren, Brett   Technology 20/20  
Way, Scott scottway81@gmail.com Asst. HS Boys BB  
Weiss, Bonnie bweiss@chasecountyschools.org Aide  
Wheeler, Sherri swheeler@chasecountyschools.org K-6 Secretary  
Whitlow, Stephanie swhitlow@chasecountyschools.org PT Kitchen  
Wilson, Kim kwilson@chasecountyschools.org  HS Chemistry, Physical Science, STEM Class of 2019 Sponsor
Yaw, Amber ayaw@chasecountyschools.org Aide  
Zuege, Albert azuege@chasecountyschools.org Bus Driver  
Zuege, Carl czuege@chasecountyschools.org HS Social Studies, HS Diversified Occupations Head HS Cross Country, Head HS Boy's Basketball,  Head HS Boy's Track
Zuege, Chelsea chzuege@chasecountyschools.org HS Art Quiz Bowl
Zuege, Ginny gzuege@chasecountyschools.org Bus Dispatcher